Private Lessons

Give me 5 one-on-one

Learn completely at your own pace. These lessons are tailored to your needs and goals and scheduled at your convenience. Make the most of your Spanish time.

Introductory lesson 30'

Meet your teacher, tell her about your learning needs and experience our approach. Take your first step in your Spanish journey!

Give me 5 one-on-two

Enjoy learning Spanish with a friend, a colleague or with your partner. Choose your own schedule and goals and share your Spanish learning experience.

Introductory lesson 60'

Get to know your teacher, discuss about your needs, enjoy a lesson and feel comfortable and confident to decide about your next steps.

Give me 5 small group

Create your own group of friends, colleagues or family and learn Spanish together. Flexible schedules and contents tailored to your small group.

Group Lessons

1 month 1 hour weekly

Learn Spanish in a small group with other students.  Fun and interactive environment for beginners and elementary levels.  Check the available schedules.

1 month 1.5 hours weekly

New courses start every month. Enjoy learning Spanish and practicing your conversation skinlls in a group setting.  Different days and times available.

1 month 2 hours weekly

Comfortable learning experience in small groups with personalised attention.  Meet interesting people and start speaking Spanish. Have a look at the groups.

Gift Vouchers

195 €

41 € - 61 € - 81 €

145 €

105 €

New Courses available in October

Spanish First Steps 1

Starting from scratch, you will learn the basics of Spanish pronunciation, how to introduce yourself and meet other people, read, ask and answer questions, and get confident to start speaking Spanish straight away

Spanish First Steps 2

Get a bit further and make your way through.  Learn how to move around, ask for places, buy things and eat out, and become more confident in your interaction in Spanish


Spanish First Steps 3

Learn how to deal in more complex situations, like going to the doctor or looking for a house to buy or rent. Improve your pronunciation and enjoy speaking Spanish and making yourself understood.

How to order @ the bar in Spanish

Learn how to order drinks and pintxos at the bar in Spanish.  Enjoy feeling like a local and learning about Spanish traditions and gastronomy.


If you have any doubt or need to solve a problem, do not hesitate to ask us. We’ll be happy to help you.